How to allow editing some field in some collections MondoDB Realm?

I need to allow write for all users in some field one of my collection

All my data save in MondoDB Atlas and I sync it in the “Sync” MongoDB Realm.

I have some troubles with my task

If in the rules “Sync” I set: read - true write - false and in the collection set these rules:

  "roles": [
      "name": "default",
      "apply_when": {
        "%%true": true
      "insert": false,
      "delete": false,
      "search": true,
      "read": true,
      "write": false,
      "fields": {
        "countViews": {
          "write": true
        "listViewers": {
          "write": true
      "additional_fields": {}
  "filters": [],

Then have this error: Sync: Connection[1]: Session[1]: Received: ERROR "Permission denied (BIND, REFRESH) - request logs URL: link” (error_code=206, try_again=true)

But if I set rules for sync: read - allow write - allow All users can write data in any fields and collection, despite the rules in the collection

So, I can’t understand where I make mistake and what rules should I set in the Sync. Rules for Sync > rules for Collection? Or it’s mistake in the rules for collection, that I wrote?

Hi @Aleksandr_Prokopenko,

As documented, any role you define in the schema doesn’t apply to collections that are part of Sync. For those, you need to define specific Sync Rules.

Sync Permissions, however, are generally at a partition level, and docs state that

A user with write permissions for a given partition can modify the value of any field of any object in the corresponding synced realm.