How to access GraphQL as root/admin

Hi all,

I have set up my first mongocloud environment which I wish to connect to my react app (create-react-app)

Now both tutorials I found on this mention GraphQL request validation in the context of a user. They stress that when a user is logged in, any request is done in the context of this user.

But what if All I want to do with my react app is display graphQL data? I just want to be able to use the Apollo Client with my main admin account to access all data across my database.

I want to use my React app to query and display this data.

I cant seem to find documentation on how to do this. Can somebody help me ?

Hey Oscar -

Can you use anonymous authentication in this use-case with read access to all users? This way, a user doesn’t have to explicitly log in (via username, password, etc) to view parts of the data

Another alternative is that if this is data that needs to be secured in the context of an admin, maybe API Key authentication might be mroe useful.