How long will it take to confirm changes in hosting section on my RealmUI?

I’m working on an app that uses user registration with help of Realm. So I need to provide my own implementation to confirm a user registration and change a password. I’m using ‘hosting’ section to provide code which is responsible for doing this stuff. However after I uploaded a new version of a document with a code for resetting password my client somehow calls old version of the document. But if I open the document from ‘hosting’ section in the browser I will see the latest version of the code.

How long does it take to confirm changes in these files? And maybe there’re a daily pool for changes which I crossed already🙃

Hi @Suprafen,

There is a button at the top in the hosting section to invalidate the cache of your hosted app. No more old version after that. :slight_smile:


Oh, I see, it’s pretty easy.

Thank you a lot. Have a good day :wink:

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