How fast should the response time be for MongoDB?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering is there documentation or a good blog out there that gives some details on the recommended query performance expectations for MongoDB Or Youtube Video?

I feel sometimes the answer would be “it depends” such as type of workload… extracting etc, we’d want higher throughput… where response time would be expected to be slower.

But in terms of quick transactions or searches in MongoDB what is the expected response time in ms?
Is there a guideline on general performance/response time expectations? (Assuming we have decent disk performance and ram)

For example if we look at a mongod.log file, should we be aiming for queries always under 200ms or 100ms or 50ms for example?


From a recent class at MongoDB university, I learned that:

In a typical web application, a rule of thumb is any end-to-end request must be less than 200 ms. This is for apps using the REST APIs and HTTP requests. Some factors to consider are workload, infrastructure and operations that rely on external services.

You also have to look at the service-level agreement (SLA); i.e., your user / customer expectations.

Then there are response times specific to:

  • Reading from the database
  • Writing to the database
  • Operations that include multiple/combined reads/writes.

Any database operation greater than 100 ms in regards with MongoDB is considered slow, by default.

The database profiler is a handy tool to log and analyze the response times for the database operations; where you can specify the threshold for slow operations.


Thanks Prasad, appreciate the info!