How do you resync your latest collections in a db from mongo atlas to mongo stitch in order to add rules for them?

I deleted a rule for one of my collections on mongostitch by accident. Now when I try and remake that rule for that specfic collection from mongo atlas, I cant see it in the dropdown for all the collections in that database.

Also any new collections i make in atlas dont sync up with mongostitch too so I cant make another one also.

Does anyone know how you resync your collections from mongo atlas to mongo stitch

Hi Zach – Apologies for the late reply. I tried to reproduce this issue in the Stitch UI but was unable to so it may have already been fixed. Typically, ensuring that any changes in your application are deployed and then refreshing the UI will re-pull the list of collections from your database.

If the collection doesn’t have data in MongoDB then it won’t show up in the UI, but you will be able to add it to rules again using the + icon next to your database name in the Rules UI.