How do you complete the final exam?

After completing the questions, should one just wait for the course period to end to know the result or need some action for the conclusion?

Nothing needs to be done
You have to wait till course end date
You would have got message like this

Your submission has been saved and will be graded when the problem closes.

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Thank you for the clarification.

I was able to get my certificate downloaded, immediately after completing my courses. I didn’t have to wait for the end of Week 3 or the course completion date.

Hi @PuneetC,

Starting from this offering, we have Unlockable Chapters so that the users who have completed the current chapters or the final exams will be getting access to the further chapters or the exam results right away. This is to reduce the waiting time of the users so that they can complete the course according to their pace.

I hope you had a great experience throughout the course!!


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Thanks Sonali!!
I had registered for 5 and had a great experience with them throughout…
So far, I have managed to complete 3, and hopefully will complete the remaining 2, as well, before tomorrow’s deadline :smile::smile: