How do i get the folder


Please how do I get the to set up locally on my pc. I can’t seem to find the link in the handouts section. Please help will be appreciated.



The idea is to use the IDE, to ease the process of setting up your own environment. The IDE is normally in the “Labs”.

But yet if the user prefers to try things locally, there is an installation guide for each OS.

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Hi, thank you. I went through the IDE which was fine for chapter one, but when I was going through the sharding labs I got lost with the instruction because I could not boot up the mongos, So after reading through I found the documentation for vagrant installation, I did that, but couldn’t find the folder. My main challenge is that on the IDE I can’t get the mongos.conf file to work as per instruction. That is why I opted for the local installation which I figure will help me greatly. Chatting you right now, I don’t have m103 db on my own pc. Perhaps you could lead me to the right direction? thank you for your time.

Use the IDE and post screenshots of your issues.

Hey @Khenne_Enyieko

The process of setting things locally isn’t quite easy to explain in a post. As @steevej-1495 I’d suggest first to get everything up and running in the IDE.

Because we can test anything in this way, it will be easier to help you. And we guarantee mongos.conf normally works. Just be patient and test again.

If still getting errors, please include:

  • screenshots,
  • the code you’re running,
  • the errors you get.

Well, anything you think could be useful to help you out :slight_smile:

Have a good day!

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Hello, i will get back to you on that. Thank you

Ok, i willnfollow your suggestions and get back to you. . Thank you so much. Sorry for the late replies power issues

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Hi @Khenne_Enyieko,

We no longer use Vagrant in our courses that’s why you were not able to find zip files.

Now, all the labs can be completed using IDE environment.

Let us know if you are still facing any issues.

~ Shubham

Hi, sorry I didn’t get back to you. I had to take the course again. Still on it, will let you know if any issues arise.

Thank God

Hello Santiago,
Is there a link for me try to download this file,

I don’t see “Handout” on my course - M103.

Thank you

Please do not ask the same question in more that one thread. This slows people trying to help as it forces them to read duplicate posts.

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