How deactivate user account instead of deleteing the account

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can you kindly say how can we programatically Deactivate a user until the next they log in. I see there is an option to disable a user but that does not seem to work as Deactivation. So here is the flow
User deactivates his/her account so they kind of become invisible until next time they log in again.
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Wouldn’t an ‘active’ flag associated with the user do that? It would indicate whether the user is active or inactive and when populating say, a list of users, the filter would only include active users.

I don’t know what your coding platform is but if you have a User object stored in Realm Swift

class User: Object {
   @objc dynamic var _id.....
   @objc dynamic var _partitionKey...
   @objc dynamic var favorite_food = ""
   @objc dynamic var active = true //a bool

Then to make the user inactive, set the active flag to false. When they next log in, set to true

Hi @Jay,
Thanks for the quick answer. Actually I also was thinking about a flag. But I was not sure and thought better to check for other likely solution which I might not be aware of. So we define the AKTIV flag in user customData.

BTW I use react js.

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