How can i retake the labs?

Hello, I didn’t understand the way answers to the labs were supposed to be. I did know the answers but i ran into problems,especially when it came to running scripts related to validate. By the time i did get it (re-provision vagrant), in hindsight i should have come here to the discussion forum, it was too late. I would like to know how i can retake the labs or should i wait for the final exam.

According to my experience you can not retake lab and it will count as failed for your final grade. If you want to pass lab, you need to enroll for next session of the course.


Well, let’s clarify that a little bit :slight_smile:

  • Correct, you can not retake a failed lab if you fail all three tries.
  • You can also not retake labs if you missed the deadline.
  • Your final score is calculated as the average of your exam score and your lab scores.
  • The average final score needs to be >65%, so if you score 75% on your exam you will need to score a minimum of 55% on your labs. (55+75)/2 = 65

This means that failing one or more labs does NOT mean an automatic failure for the whole course! If the other chapters provide enough labs for you to make up for the missed labs, you’ll be fine.

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Thank you for your reply. The labs i was referring to were for Chapter 1 of M103. If i understood correctly I can possibly make up for my mistakes in the remaining three chapters.

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Not literally, no.

You can’t “make up for it” by scoring extra points. So you’ll jsut have to make sure you don’t miss more points :slight_smile:

Hi Ayub_64513,

Sure, you can make it. :slight_smile:

I believe what @Tess_Sluijter meant is you cannot make up for the marks/score for Chapter 1 Labs, you will definitely get score for next Chapters but your average will be based on all the chapters including Chapter 1.