How can I get the coordinates of Cancun / Isla Mujeres, Mexico?

I can not see the schema option and so that geographic plugin, and the Lab 1.7: Scavenger Hunt, Part 3 I think I need the coordinates to solve the problem.

I’ve found these coordinates 21°09′38″N 86°50′51″O I’m assuming that 21.160555555556_N_-86.8475_E are latitude and longitude.
My issue is that I see the mapbox, but drag function doesn’t work. Anybody happened?
Any idea to solve it? Thanks in advance

Found this in other topic:
Click SHIFT key and select/drag a location.(press SHIFT key while selecting a location and dragging).
I hope this information is helpful. It has just worked fine for me.

Thank you. Got it! It works.