How can I aggregate then find?

Why I can’t use find() after aggregation?

for example

{ $match: { country: { $in: [“Spain”, “Germany:” } } }]).find()

What should I do if I found some useful source using find() and I don’t want to rewrite aggregate version?

You either use aggregate() or find(), not both.

The query in find() is similar to the $match aggregation stage. So to achieve what you’re trying to do, you can add another $match stage or add more conditions to the existing $match stage.

ok thx. So is it impossible to use the by any means aggregate result like find? For example, can I store aggregate results in a collection and find them?

This :arrow_up: is the solution @ys_70859.

Show me an example of the find() query you want to execute after aggregate()? I’ll give you some tips.