How can I access User Object collection?

I’m wondering where exactly is stored the User Object collection, can I export it? Can I preview it in Mongo Compass? I’m not saying about the Custom User Data stored in my own MongoDB collection.

You can export all the Users as an admin via our Admin API.

However, if you’re trying to access all the users of your application in a client side application, we recommend using custom user data to create a collection and populate the data using authentication Triggers when a new user logs in.


Thank you. And where are they actually stored? And why I can’t export (hashed) passwords? I’m just wondering if it’s possible to migrate from MongoDB/realm to an on-premise system just in case.

@Sumedha_Mehta1 Could you please answer my question? This is the deciding factor for our business.

There is no way to export hashed passwords. Can you explain what exactly you’re trying to do by moving to an on-premise system and why? If this is just for authentication, you can build the authentication yourself and then use our JWT Auth Provider to authenticate the user.

Otherwise, there is no way to use Realm on-prem unless you are building the backend yourself.

Thanks for your answer. We are basically looking for potential blockers that can prevent from migrating to a different platform (in case we decide so). We don’t want to be “vendor-locked”.

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