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I was wondering if anyone had first hand experience preparing for the Developer Certification Exam. I have read over the info page and been through the courses that it suggests. I was also going to go through the lectures one more time at high speed for a refresher.

However I was curious if there was anymore suggestions about how best to prepare for the exam? Or how well do the courses offered by Mongo University prepare one? As I see that each attempt now cost the full amount, Ill have to make sure I get it the first time. :crossed_fingers:

Also what is a passing grade? I cannot seem to find that info.

Well test is booked for Aug 11th! :slight_smile:

Hi @natac13,

That is great! :slight_smile:
Few things I would like to add are:

  • Certification Exam is version specific and current version in Exam is 4.0. So, all the question/answers will be based on the same.
  • Please note the questions are not meant to be tricky or confusing. The questions/answers are based on common case and there are no edge/rare case questions.
  • We have two question types on the exam - multiple choice and check-all-that-apply. With respect to check-all-that-apply, you must select all correct answer choices to get credit for that question. We no offer partial credit for this type of question.

490 is the passing grade. We do not publish the total score or percentage pass threshold.



So a little concern has come up. :worried:

I read over this page which list the reccommended courses to complete for the exam. However I see this new post stating that M320 Data Modeling is needed.

This happens to be one class I have yet to complete. However I have, since learning this, read over the documents on Data Modelling and have gone over the old course videos linked in the Study Guide

My question is will this be enough to prepare or should I reschedule my exam for September after I have taken the course. However I would very much like to take and pass the exam asap.

Thanks for any advice. :slight_smile:

Hi @natac13,

Please refer to the following post to get an idea of what you should expect in Certification Exam:

If you have covered all these topics thoroughly, you are all prepared for the exam.

Please let me know, if you have questions.

Good Luck!!!

Kind Regards,

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Hi @natac13,

You should be in a good shape without the M320 course at this point, especially given the studying you did so far.

Kind regards and good luck on your exam!

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@yulia_genkina @Kanika @Sonali_Mamgain

Just finished the exam and getting my desk back in order. :slight_smile:

Just to wait on the results now! Thanks for all the help and good wishes from the 3 of you!

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Success with my exam and certification! :fireworks:

The one thing i believe I should have done a bit more was read over the documentation on the sections I having trouble with during the Practice exam.

However one thing that really helped was going over the Practice exam and finding out why certain answers were incorrect, not just what was the correct answer. This helped gain a deeper understanding of how thing worked.


Hi @natac13
Just found your post, first of all congratulations for the certifications.
I am also preparing for the same, trying my best to appear in coming Nov.
I created a topic(Developer Associate Exam) on my query, it would be great if you can help me here, as you have the experience on this.

No problem taking a look now. Will reply to your post

Hi @natac13
One quick question, how much questions we can expect on Data Modeling(M320), as practice exam has only 1 question on this section ?

I do believe that each test is randomized somehow. Not sure how though. However from what I remember there was not to many question on Modeling.

The exam has been revised, I would suggest expect close to 5 questions this time on Data Modeling. :slight_smile: And M320 is strongly recommended for the exam.


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Thanks @kanikasingla @natac13 for your guidance, got my result today.
Happy to share with you guys that, this is done :slight_smile:

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Wow! That is so amazing… :partying_face: Congratulations


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