How are we not connecting to each others clusters?

I am trying to figure out authentication and how our clusters are unique. We added a user of the same name, we all have the same password, and whitelisted any IP addresses. Our clusters have the same name, and when connecting via Compass, the Hostname of my sandbox cluster seems pretty generic. Also, when going into the Atlas Cloud dashboard, I see up to 7 connections in my newly-created cluster. What is keeping others from going into my cluster and modifying the contents? And if I’m the only one in, why are there so many connections?


in think we all have unique clusters you might be able to identify the cluster by the hostname.

Hi David_23362,

The unique hostname is generated when you deploy your cluster. Which no one can simply Guess. Then, also if you are not sure, then remove the IP whitelist for “Anywhere Access”.

And make it “Allow only current IP” or type the list of IPs from where you want to access the cluster.
Security -> IP Whitelist -> Delete entry (if there)
Security -> IP Whitelist -> Add IP Address