Host local MongoDB Realm app?

I’m getting MongoDB Realm and Atlas set up for our iOS app, and for development purposes it would be nice to be able to host a local MongoDB Realm app and MongoDB Atlas instance so that I can test the app’s interactions with the database without an internet connection.

From my research, it appears that you can host a MongoDB Atlas instance locally, but this article seems to indicate that I can’t host a MongoDB Realm App instance locally. However, I’m not sure if the article applies to my situation. Could you confirm that there is no option to host MongoDB Realm locally just for development purposes?

(Note that I’m not referring to an offline-only Realm iOS app, I mean hosting the MongoDB Realm server locally on my development PC, which my iOS app would interact with).

Hi @Elias_Heffan ,

You can install a MongoDB server locally, but MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Realm are currently only available as cloud services.

For development purposes you would set up separate environments (eg development, staging, production). You can define Environment Values so your MongoDB Realm application can use common configuration values with different settings for each environment.

You may find this article from @Lauren_Schaefer a helpful read: How to Build CI/CD Pipelines for MongoDB Realm Apps Using GitHub Actions.


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Hi Stennie,
Thanks for informing me that MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Realm are only available as cloud services. And yes I came across that article on building CI/CD pipelines for MongoDB Realm Apps and it’s extremely helpful!


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