Hinting an index on a $lookup

Is there a way to hint to use an index during the $lookup stage? For example, this $lookup just uses the default {_id: 1} index and I want to use the index I have on the $match itself

        $lookup: {
          from: "cattle",
          let: { cattleIds: "$cattleIds", groupId: "$groupId" },
         pipeline: [
            { $match:
              { $expr:
                // This still doesn't match the index, only goes for {_id: 1}
                { $and: [
                  { $eq: ["$groupId", "$$groupId"] },
                  { $eq: ["$standing.status", "alive"] },
                  { $in: ["$_id", "$$cattleIds"] },
                ] }
     as: "cattles"

Not a definitive answer but it is just a hunch.

The _id is a unique value so it is very selective and when the query planner sees it in a query, it know that _id:1 can be used.

Hopefully someone with deeper knowledge can confirm or correct that hunch. May be the explain plan can also help.