Hidden and Voting

In the quiz Chapter 2: Replication ### Reconfiguring a Running Replica Set. One of the correct answers is that Hidden Nodes vote in elections, but in the lecture you removed the node to get an odd number in the replica set for election by making it hidden. I am confused on whether or not a hidden node can vote.

Hey @Robert_50047

From the docs

A hidden member maintains a copy of the primary’s data set but is invisible to client applications. Hidden members are good for workloads with different usage patterns from the other members in the replica set. Hidden members must always be priority 0 members and so cannot become primary . The db.isMaster() method does not display hidden members. Hidden members, however, may vote in elections.

And review the video that talks about this at 2:10. You will hear that the member is going to be both non-voting and hidden.

Non-voting replica set members (i.e. members[n].votes is 0 )

Hope this helps

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