Hi peeps, Mario here!

Hello, MongoDB community,

My name is Mario, currently working as Database Engineer at Vopak (Oil and Gas storage company).

I started working with MongoDB in 2015, but not 100%. Previously as working most of the time with SQL Server and MySQL DBs in AWS and GCP.

Have a good week!


Welcome to the MongoDB community @Mario_Pereira.

I hope you’re week is going to be amazing :slight_smile:

Be sure to let the community know if you have any questions, or give an answer to someone else’s question if you happen to know it.

Hi @Mario_Pereira and welcome to these parts.

Like you, and many others, I too came from SQL Server and MySQL to MongoDB. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.



Hi @Mario_Pereira, welcome!!

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Hi @Mario_Pereira, welcome to the community, looking forward to more folks with a operations database background joining the fun :slight_smile:

Hi @Mario_Pereira,