🌱 Hi I'm Kevin from MongoDB

Hi all,

I’m Kevin Adistambha, part of the MongoDB Developer Relations team based in Sydney, Australia. I joined MongoDB in 2015. Previously, I was an academic for a number of years doing research in the Multimedia space (specifically human motion detection and MPEG-7). I am originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, and feel equally at home in Sydney and in Jakarta.

Our aim as a team is to help you to be successful with MongoDB. Feel free to ask me about schema design considerations, MongoDB official drivers, or general troubleshooting tips.



Hi Kevin, and everyone,

I’m Venkat.

I’ve been a MongoDB fan for the past 5+ years. I look
forward to interact with you all.

Thank you & Best Regards,

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Hi Kevin,

Im happy to know about this community. I’m heavily using mongodb in my daily task.


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