Hi, I'm Doron from yomez.com - Productivity Startup

Hi Everyone,

Just joined the Mongo startup program here. Great to see all the help for bootstrapers, which is really nice in the beginning. I’ve done many startups as the tech person and this time focusing on something that I really love, being effective and helping others do the same. I’m working to make a successful company doing this. Been at this for about 6 months and have a Beta. I’m using the Meteor framework which is really awesome and is getting some fresh investment as well. Mongo is a key part of that and MongoDB Atlas hosted service has been awesome so far. I’m used to painfully analyzing queries and adding indexes and so forth, so when the service emailed me about the optimization analysis it already did, I recall having a “that’s awesome” experience.

Looking forward to being part of the community and doing some more awesome stuff with Mongo and Atlas.


Welcome to the community, @Doron_Gan!!