Hi from Venezuela. I am a Power BI Developer

And now learning about MongoDB to expand my knowledge map.
I have a high interest about Analytic and Charts with MongoDB.


:wave: Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Javier_Ojeda !

There’s are free online courses at MongoDB University that might be of interest for analytics & charts;

If you are new to MongoDB, I would start with M001: MongoDB Basics.

The MongoDB Developer Hub also has a good selection of articles, tutorials, and videos and other resources for learning about MongoDB.



Thanks a lot @Stennie_X :+1: I appreciate your answer because I have much interest in Analytics.
I am very happy because I am of studying my first course at Mongodb University, the M001, right now.


Welcome @Javier_Ojeda ! I hope you’re learning as much as I am. The University is great. The course on data modeling will really help you to think about ways to organize your data that makes sense for visualizations with Charts too!.

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