🌟 Hi All! Introduction for Mike Grayson

:wave: Hi everyone! Excited for this new community for MongoDB! Want to introduce myself, my name is Mike Grayson, I’m a Database Engineer at Paychex in Western New York State here in the US. I’ve been a MongoDB Master since 2016 and like to blog and tweet about all things databases, but especially MongoDB :slight_smile: You can follow me on twitter here: https://twitter.com/mikegray831
or connect on linkedin here:

Looking forward to the discussions and seeing this great community grow!

Mike Grayson


Welcome to the brand new MongoDB community @Michael_Grayson it’s good to have you here.
I love your twitter username btw :wink:

Great to have you onboard the new community platform Mike.

Yeah, I won’t be winning any awards for creativity on that one :laughing:

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the community!!

Hello Michael,

seems we all get back :slight_smile:
Keen on your postings.


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Hi @Michael_Grayson. Not sure how I missed welcoming you earlier, but better late than never. :smiley:

Thanks @Michael and @Doug_Duncan! Great to see some more familiar faces on the new community site! :slight_smile:

Pleasure is on my side, Moss :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
:fire:, exclamation mark, …

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