Heya, greetings from Finland!

My name is Joonas Hämäläinen, though online (and many places offline too) I’m known as kerbe or kerberos. Nickname from long time ago which has story I can share over cup of something nice. :wink:

I am fairly fresh entrepreneur, having own company for about six months now, Lunanova Oy. Currently I’m doing pretty much everything myself in the company, but if things go smoothly I might have chance to get small development team onboard. I am not programmer by profession really, it is just something “I have to do” to get things done. I have almost 15 years of professional experience in system administration, project management, sales support, training etc, before I started own company. These days I want to sell my experience to companies that are growing, and maybe not yet need full time employee with this kind of skillset, or who want to train their team in ways of clean code, devops, version control and security.

I have been working with project having MongoDB as database for a while now, and growing to like it more and more as I keep learning. Still fresh in the waters, way under a year. Stack otherwise consist nodejs, serverless and react & react native, so currently learning pretty much latest tools out there.

As I am bootstrapping this company without huge savings or investments, I’ve cut down hobbies and other expenses from life. But once things start going smoothly, I will invest on my personal computer and return in gaming life. Loving online multiplayers and meeting people across the globe. I love survival games (ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust), big sandbox games (EVE Online, Dwarf Fortress), and then strategy games, and of course roleplaying games. I would like to play some good sandbox kind of MMORPG, but had to settle to Black Desert Online and such due friends being more into those. :grin:Though my gaming has been seriously cut back, as soon after I started company, my computer’s GPU melted down, and I had to bolt old GTX580 in it… so it reduces gaming a lot.

I’ve already been proven this community to be good source of help:

Gives me confidence to invest in learning & using MongoDB for my projects, as there is way to get help when stuck with documentation. :slight_smile:

Looking forward how this community grows and hopefully I can transition from one that asks questions to one who has answers at some point, when my own skills grow.


Welcome, Joonas! We’re thrilled to have you on board. I think entrepreneur is just another word for bootstrapper or ‘the person who wears all the hats’ :grin:

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Hi @kerbe and welcome to the community forums. :wave:

One of the best ways to learn is to help teach others. Whenever a question comes up, go through and try to answer it, even if you don’t reply publicly. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can make that transition from asking to answering questions.


Welcome @kerbe! Would love to hear someday how you got a nickname of Kerberos! I hope it’s not because you can be fickle and not always work right like the technology Kerberos sometimes is haha

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Let’s hope that we meet at some event @Michael_Grayson, then there is chance for it. :slight_smile: And no, it isn’t from technology, those who started using it first didn’t have a clue about such things. :smiley:

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Welcome everyone or should i be the one who needs to be welcomed, i’m very new to forums but i saw mongodb and i thought i should give it a try cause i just graduated from college and i am hoping to get something started since right now all i know is that i want to be a web developer but honestly i am clueless but have so many ideas i dont know how to start.
i open to assist with research and the likes just to learn more and also improve my craft


Hey Samuel! MongoDB University is a great place to get started, learn more, and improve your craft all while getting certified. As a new graduate, you may be interested in C100DEV: MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam.