Help! User-Report didn't show pass code on status page

My user-report test is passed but the same item on status page is hanging there like forever. I’ve read many related post here. I’m sure my comments.aggregate() has correct pipeline and returns exact 20 records with 909 on the top and the aggragateResult calls toArray() before returns. I’m also sure about that I passed in readConcer.level = ‘majority’.

The other post says there might be something wrong within addUser in userDAO.js. I do set the w: ‘majority’ there.

Anything else I should be checking? I’ve been stuckig here like 3 days…

Just saw the answer of User Report ticket. I believe mine is equal to your answer. I also tried to copy-paste the answer to mine commentsDAO.js and it’s not working. I still can’t get the valid code from status page.

Really need another hint to help me out. Appreciated !