Help required in Paging ticket

Hi, what I understood from the description is that I’m required to modify the function so that the limit and removed. so I just modifited this statement const displayCursor = cursor.limit(moviesPerPage) to this statement const displayCursor = cursor but the test happend to fail everytime.
I’m sure there must be something wrong in understand the question. Can someone please let me understand what does this ticket wants me to do. (please use easy English)

For paging to work you really a skip and a limit.

Hey @Ahsan_72923

Ticket: Paging
Before this method returns back to the API, use the “moviesPerPage” and
“page” arguments to decide the movies to display.

Paging can be implemented by using the skip() and limit() cursor methods.

Consider a collection of 100 movies, that we want to display 10 movies per page. Therefore we would have 10 pages. If I am on page x what values for skip() and limit() need to be used to achieve the correct results.

Hope this helps!