[HELP] realm-cli deploy is giving nonsense error about maximum database trigger

I’m trying to deploy a Realm App via the CLI and my app is tied to an M2 cluster and only has 5 database triggers in it. And here’s the error I’m getting when I try to deploy via the CLI:
error validating trigger: maximum database trigger count for cluster size=‘M0’ is 5

Can anyone from MongoDB and the App Services team help investigate? I can provide app ID to someone who can check this out.

Hi @Lukas_deConantseszn1,

Was this cluster was upgraded from an M0 after it was linked to the app? We do have a known issue with upgrades to linked clusters not propagating back to your app, so it would still think it’s linked to an M0. For now you can get around this by unlinking + re-linking the data source, but let me know if that is not an acceptable solution in your case.