Help! Examcity unable to take exam

Hi there

I’m having a really stressful time right now. I have an exam, I’ve prepared a lot for and I’ve followed the instructions for examcity with the chrome add on. And I’m unable to take the test. The button never enables. I can provide a screenshot. It just wouldn’t enable. I can’t seem now take this exam and it’s extremely disappointing and upsetting to me.

I rang examity and it went to voice mail. I’ve taken every course sequentially passed all the courses with high scores, even got an email saying I got the highest on the data modelling series. I’ve got a repo full of notes here:

I’m taking this course myself out of my own pocket because I really loved Mongo and I work for a hospital network so it’s very busy and natural concerning time. So I’m really disappointment, I would love to take this exam today so can somebody help me achieve this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Jonathon_93506,

I apologise for the inconvenience. Please email on If you can add screenshots there, that would be great.
Soon, someone would reach out and help you. :slight_smile:


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