Hello World of MongoDB! I'm Jason Nutt!

Hi everyone! I mean hello world. But you all knew that already. I am Jason. I am here to better my understanding of MongoDB and teach anyone that may benefit with the knowledge that I have. Currently working on a new project that will need to have a MogoDB cluster so I wanted to join the best community that I could in order to help me grow and get better at understanding and implementing into my express react app.


Welcome @Jason_Nutt ! Glad to have you join our community!


:wave: Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Jason_Nutt !

If you can share a bit more about your project and the sort of learning resources you are looking for, the community may have some suggestions for you.

I see you are already making your way through MongoDB University, which is a great starting point.

There are also some posts in the forums with helpful suggestions, like @Michael’s response on How do I model relationships with MongoDB? - #2 by Michael.



Thanks so much! We are in the ideas phase of something we want to build that will serve as a resource/community/help app and/ or site for mental health issues such as depression, bi-polar, ptsd and other mental health issues. It would be separated by locations or regions and provide a one stop resource locator for suffering individuals. Like I said, it is a project that is in the ideas phase. I know it will need to have a database to store our data. Thanks for asking about it.


Thanks so much @TimSantos ! Much appreciated.

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Welcome to the Forums @Jason_Nutt! We’re glad to have you here!


Thank you @Michael_Grayson. I am feeling welcome and working my way through MongoDB university course M001. Appreciate the welcome.

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Today I will be pressing into M103 Cluster Administration and M121 The MongoDB aggregation framework. I am also looking ahead and getting started with Charts because they are thrilling to me, I love to see the data visualized in a meaningful way, that’s why I started doing this. I want to see data charts and graphs! SO data modeling and charts give me a great incentive to really dive in and get these foundational concepts solid and move forward to become a data visualizer. I’ll be seeing y’all at the end of the days travels!