Hello world from Rio

Hey friends! I’m Paulo Benjamin, MongoDB Consulting Engineer and Redis, SQL Server and MySQL consultant. I’ve worked with several other databases like Oracle, Postgres and Sybase, so for the last 13 years my life has been working with data, and it’s an honor for me I’m becoming leader of the MongoDB Users Group in Rio de Janeiro, the city where I live.
The tech communities played a big role in getting me to where I am today, both in technical knowledge and in meeting so many people from different areas and places with great know-how and always willing to share their knowledge.
Brazil is a continental country, and until recently we only had one MUG. And it is a great pleasure to be helping the Rio de Janeiro community being able to have more events related to MongoDB bringing more and more knowledge to everyone through one more MUG!
It would be an honor if you join Rio de Janeiro’s MUG.
Here is also my LinkedIn to keep in touch!