🌱 Hello - Michael here from MongoDB for Startups

:wave: My name is Michael Lynn. I live and work in Philadelphia, PA on the East Coast of U.S. I joined MongoDB a little over 4 years ago and I’ve worked in various roles include Solutions Architect and Developer Relations.

Today, I focus on MongoDB for Startups — a program designed to help Startups by providing access to resources such as MongoDB Atlas, Technical Guidance and access to Marketing and Events. You can read more about it at https://mongodb.com/startups and here in the community forums at https://www.mongodb.com/community/forums/c/startup.

I also work on the :fire: MongoDB Podcast with my colleague Nic Raboy - This podcast is a place for developers, founders and data enthusiasts to get the latest, most up to date information about MongoDB features, application development trends and technologies. We’ll be launching the very first episode on in February, 2020. I hope you’ll listen, subscribe, like, follow and review! Watch for more information coming soon!

You can find me on twitter, instagram, linkedIn, GitHub and Youtube.

Really looking forward to interacting with the community here.



Hello Mike,
happy to “see” you again. After hearing a bit about the podcast I am curios on the first launch.
@Jamie: what about an announcement, read only category in this forum?

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@michael_hoeller Suggestions are always appreciated, but it is best to keep discussion on topic here (which is nominally @Michael_Lynn’s intro) and post general suggestions in the Site Feedback category for discussion.

Thanks for posting What about an announcement category?. As noted there, we have several categories for announcements and you can also set your notification preference per category.


Hey @Michael_Lynn

Great to hear about the Startups opportunity! I have just filled out my application.

I am just starting out with a SaaS application for Training center management, focused on the construction industry. I started out as a licensed electrician, with my union hall has my first client.

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Welcome to the community - and hopefully to the program! I will review your application this week. Your story is incredible… inspiring. I’d love to chat with you about that in further depth - perhaps we’ll get you on an episode of The MongoDB Podcast.

I’m curious - how did you find the forums? And this channel specifically?


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Hey @Michael_Lynn! Glad to see you here on this community and look forward to the podcast and hearing about the Startup Program! Hope all is well in Philly!

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I found these forums from seeing all the Slack channels get archived and I was curious why. Then I saw this mentioned in one of the posts by @Stennie.
And this channel specifically was just from spending time checking out the new forum site. Very similar to the MongoDB university forums which helped me learn MongoDB in depth to achieve the Develop certificate.

I would be happy to answer any further questions you have. And look forward to being apart of this forum community.

Hi Michael, I am a recent partner in Colombia. I am looking for applications already implemented on Mongo to market them here in Colombia and Spain. Do you know if any start up has anything interesting? On the other hand, do you know if someone has connected mongo with AS400?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for letting us join the MongoDB for Startups program!!!

We are Beeldi, a French startup from Paris developing a smart assistant dedicated to technical building management.

We are the 1st solution dedicated to property managers which generates automatically:

  • renovation action plans ;
  • compliance work plans ;
  • energy efficiency action plans.

Excited about all we will be able to accomplish with MongoDB and MongoDbAtlas Services.


Adrien Greiner
CTO @ Beeldi