Hello - Hello and happy new year from Berlin

Hey there,
I’m Philipp and I love nature, surfing, beachvolleyball, food, computer games, shiny led projects, decent techno and much more. I am an engineer that shifted to software development which is now my full time passion.
A bit over a year ago I decided with friends, which I met at a hackaton, that we will found a startup to tackle climate change issues. We develop a public webplatform and a software to bring structure and light in the sustainability jungle of companies to help them tackle aims like carbon neutrality or sustainable supply chains.
For this we need to build huge datasets - scrape data in the web - build data pipelines - do a lot of networking - … - it’s a long road.
We are all very motivated, in good faith, sometimes too young and unexperienced - but waiting is simply not an option for us ;). This is luckily not a big issue as working / helping out together with our network and experienced partners / communities already gave us the boost we need to become more and more successful with our vision.

It is always a pleasure to tackle issues together in a strong community and maybe we can share some traveltime on different roads - always happy to help and thankful for help :wink:

See you soon and please stay safe and sound

Philipp :call_me_hand:


Hi @Philipp_Wuerfel, Welcome to the MongoDB community!

Being from the West Coast, USA, I’m not terribly familiar with surfing outside of California and Hawaii :wink: Where do you prefer to surf?

Would love to learn more about your climate change startup too!

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Hey Jamie!

Thank you !
I love to surf Atlantic coast line of France / Spain / Portugal -> Most famous would be Hossegor (La Graviere or Peniche in Portugal) but also surfed the baltic sea (which is only possible during storm, onshore-windswell) which results in a quite cold and different experience :wink:
Next time around May it will be the cold arctic north for me (Norway - Lofoten) as I will stay there a while visiting my brother and working remotely.´
I’d realy love to experience surfing California and Hawaii but it is too far away :cry:

Regarding the startup:
Our first prototype: https://www.ecosearch.tech/
This will be our first access point to our platform. Every company will get a profile based on our sustainability data in our database. So basically every human should be able to check whether a company is active in this field and motivate them in case they are not.
In addition we consider giving companies the opportunity to be more transparent e.g. with data publications or trustful partnerships e.g. famous ngo’s and of course we offer them to work with us on possible solutions to tackle their sustainability issues.

We have quite a few ideas in mind which we currently discuss with some companies in Germany.

But we need to solve quite big problems and narrow them down -> divide and conquer!
Big questions are:
How do we know if the companies data is affected by Greenwashing?
How do we verify if data is correct?
How do we messure impact?

Much things to do :wink:


Thanks for sharing! I wonder if there are green certification orgs that you can work with to build a legitimacy-based model that you could then set metrics against What does the business model look like for your co? How do you plan to use the data to motivate businesses to change their practices (certification, PR, consumer pressure, etc.)?

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Exactly! We continuously evolve those partnerships but this takes time - networking - trust - … .
There are multiple motivations and we will not need to increase pressure as this will most likely increase anyways because of ongoing political changes, laws, general awareness of beeing part of the problem and scared of consquences, to just name a few. There are also quite a lot certifications out there and we will not add a new one to the jungle. We want to motivate companies to pick the good ones and if they participate let others know that they do!

The main problem we see is, that companies willing to change are overwhelmed and every decision/investment is compared to profit. Planting trees to become climate neutral does sadly not fix the problem. We can’t plant that many trees (we burn them anyway) and we can’t wait 30 years to let them do their decarbonization. Companies need to reduce emissions, compensation is a part of it, but not the solution.

Just as an example: Studies say in average around 70 to 80% of company emissions are so called scope 3 emissions. This means they are somewhere in the supply chain out of company environment and hard to measure but they need to radically reduce as soon as possible to prevent paris convention from failing.

How nice would it be, if you could see which companies in your supply chain could be replaced by more sustainable ones? And how nice would it be, that this directly improves your own sustainability score because other companies up the ladder will pick you because you are more sustainable?

Ecosearch is just a small piece to give informations on the surface to bring companies to a network of solution providers which are all part of the movement to face the crisis and not ignore it until it is too late.

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