Hello from the Mojave Desert!

Hello everyone,

My name is Juliette. I am a developer and musician originally from Chicago. I am currently a high desert dweller in Southern California. I became interested in MongoDB when I began to work with Node.js/Fullstack applications after having completed the Front End Tech Degree program @ Treehouse. I have been a fan and student of MongoDB/Mongo University for a few years now. My journey with MongoDB and Mongo U has taken me to some interesting and unexpected places such as learning about working with virtual environments (like Vagrant, and now Docker and Kubernetes) and Linux based commands. I’m enjoying this new path that I have embarked upon and I am super grateful to everyone at MongoDB that has made it possible for me to continue on this path of learning.

Thanks for having me here:-)



Welcome, Juliette! We’re glad you’re here. :partying_face::cactus:

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Thank you Jamie. I am glad to be here:-)

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