Hello From Sussd

Hello All,

I’m Rick, CTO and Co-founder of a two sided marketplace application named Sussd. We hope to democratise the consumer feedback market by allowing brands and agencies to collaborate with consumers throughout the marketing lifecycle, from concept to finished content. We are in a reasonably competitive market if you look at it from a high level, but we have a few USPs that will set us apart from the rest.

We are currently working hard to build an application that we can use to do two pilots with some design agencies in New York.

We recently spent a week in New York (fortunately before the chaos started) doing some primary research in the form of customer interviews. We met some very passionate people with lots of ideas, that were willing to share. From this we re-wrote our backlog, and re-prioritised. This gave us some room to make foundational changes to our platform, one of which was to swap from a relational database (AWS Aurora) over to MongoDB, which led us to Mongo Atlas, and of course the startup program.

I’ve been using MongoDB since 2014, so hopefully I can be a valuable member of the community and will give as much as I take.