Hello from New York City

Hey folks,

I’m Scott :wave:, an independent full stack software engineer from New York City. I’m currently working on CrowdPower - an automated user engagement tool for SaaS companies. It’s a simple low-cost option for tracking users and automating messages to them. Thanks to @Manuel_Meyer for accepting CrowdPower into the startup program.

This is my first project built with MongoDB (and also VueJS), and I don’t know how I could have built this without it. With regards to Mongo, I’m most interested in learning about design patterns and performance optimizations.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is working on.



Hi @Scott_Weiner! Welcome to the community & congrats on your acceptance into the startup program :star2:

Would love to hear more about what you’ve learned so far and how you used that to build cool things like CrowdPower.



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Thanks Jamie. It was challenging to grasp the concept of a document store at first, coming from building MySQL applications. But it’s been a tremendous help to not have to worry about each record matching a schema exactly or writing migration scripts for every field added to a table.

I was able to build a rules engine to segment customers, a drag and drop email builder, and a marketing automation platform fairly easily with Mongo. It would have been a challenge to do all this with MySQL.


Hello @Scott_Weiner, welcome to the MongoDB Community forum.

With regards to Mongo, I’m most interested in learning about design patterns and performance optimizations.

These two topics are very important in building an application (performance - everybody wants it!). Design of the data can affect the performance. Designing NoSQL document based data is different than that of the tabular data design, though few principles (e.g., relationships) are common. Having knowledge of any kind of data design helps grasipng he principles of document data design.

That said, I learnt my document data design and about performance from the MongoDB University courses - I had found them quite comprehensive. In addition, there is information from documentation, blogs and webinars. I hope you will look into these and find something suitable to your needs.


Thanks. I did do a couple of those courses when I was just getting started. Incredibly helpful. Will have to check out some others.