Hello from Let's Hero!

Hello everyone,

Who has never needed help? In 2013, I was young and in love, so I moved to Helsinki (I’m Brazilian) to live with my ex girlfriend. The day I’ve arrived there she broke up with me after losing our baby, so I was very sad and left out in a cold faraway place without money for food, shelter or any sort of assistance. I needed help. I could be your friend, relative or someone you care about. Mostly we only pay attention to a necessity when it touches our skin, pockets, or homes.

But I want to change that.

Fast-forward a few years. I have a solid career in web development and after years planning Let’s Hero (former Karuna), it is finally coming true.

Let’s Hero aims to be a platform for fostering a culture of mutual help among its users by gamifying the whole experience of compassion. It will do so by connecting friends and strangers, while facilitating the acknowledgement of each other’s needs for help, thus allowing its users to provide and find support in times of need in an either monetized or charitable exchange. The help provided will be accounted in an user’s profile in the form of statistics, badges, awards and medals, in a way that it can be later used as social proof of an user’s engagement and commitment to the benefit of others.

Let’s Hero values compassion, proactivity, solidarity, and availability and will benefit its users by providing an easy to use, accessible, entertaining and fulfilling gamified marketplace for the exchange of help and support in cases of either urgent needs, as well as commonplace ordinary necessities.

We have a production ready beta version and our db is running on Atlas. MongoDB has just welcomed us as a member of MongoDB for Startups and we couldn’t be more thankful. It was our first official support. You folks have become our very first heroes.

Thank you.

Angelo Reale
Let’s Hero


Wow - great project Angelo! Great to have you in the Community. Let us know how we can help!

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