Hello from Finland

Hii~! I’m copyleft researcher from Finland :slight_smile: Planning to attend MongoDB.local Stockholm this November so I figured I’d come here and check out the community.

I actually have some questions from the get go :sweat_smile:

  1. Who should I contact about the bug in the front page of ‘Manage Cookies’ button not working?
  2. Should I create an instant-messaging group for the attendees of the .local Stockholm if someone wants to hang out afterwards or ask some ad-hoc questions?

Hello @akira ,

Welcome to The MongoDB Community Forums! :wave:

Could you elaborate on this issue you’re seeing? Could you either point to the page in question, or provide a screenshot?

The event includes Lunch and Happy Hour time where you could meet and interact with other attendees and staff after the event. You can also join our User Group in Stockholm to engage in discussions and events (even outside the cadence of .local).



Thanks I’ll definitely join the User Group in Stockholm!

The bug happens in https://www.mongodb.com/. Here’s a screenshot of the aforementioned buggy button ‘Manage Cookies’. It seems to point to MongoDB: The Developer Data Platform | MongoDB which, at least in my browser, doesn’t point really anywhere and doesn’t reload the page because it’s an anchor.


Hi @akira ,

I hope you are doing well!

I wanted to thank you for reporting this, it has been forwarded to the relevant team.
Feel free to explore the forums and be in touch!

Cheers! :sparkles: