Hello friends, I'm Elie from Lebanon

Hello everyone, It’s Elie a backend software engineer from Lebanon. It’s a honor for me joining this amazing community, as a MongoDB User Group founder in :lebanon:.
Let me proudly tell you a little about my journey leading and organizing many communities. About a year ago I joined the world of tech communities when I founded the Google Developer Club at my university and then joined the Google developer groups in lebanon as an organizer, and now starting a new MUG in my country.

Before joining the community I was a normal backend software engineer, doing his job, going to his university and that’s it. But today I am very proud of every success we are achieving in these communities with the distinguished teams that I work with, together we were able to organize more than 60 workshops in less than 20 month and helped hundreds of tech enthusiasts in Lebanon and the MENA region achieving their goals. My mission is to bridge the gap between theory and practice and help each one of you taking their skills to the next level and be market ready in a short period. And the gain is witnessing all these enthusiasts apply all these skills and benefiting the community like it once did to them. And Here we can say that everything is: From the Community to the Community. :fist:

It will be a honor for us if you join our Lebanon MUG, so we can stay in touch !! Lots of special things are coming soon :blush:

You can also find me on LinkedIn

Thank you


Hi @eliehannouch,

Thanks for sharing some of your background, and thank you for your enthusiastic support of the MongoDB community!



Hey @eliehannouch!
Welcome to the MongoDB Community!

So good to see you sharing your background and sharing how being a part of a community everyone can gain and grow.

Thanks for all that you are doing for the community and we hope to see you achieve your goals and help your community achieve their goals soon.



Why you do not make discord server ?