🌱 Hello Everyone! Satyam here from MongoDB!

Hello Everyone! :wave:

I’m Satyam Gupta. I’m from the City famous for its temples in India, Jammu. I have recently joined MongoDB, and I will be there for you all to help you with your doubts and queries.

In my spare time, I like to read novels. I also love volunteering, especially for cause of education. Before covid, for 4 years, I was associated with a local society, wherein the volunteers would help the underprivileged students in their studies. We would help them in their studies everyday, as well as organise various events for them like picnics, educational movie screening, celebrating different festivals with them, etc.

Remember, no doubt is small. So, please feel free to reach out for any problems, suggestions, feedback, or to discuss anything in general! Hoping to help everyone as much as I can! :smiley:

Excited to join MongoDB and looking forward to being a part of this amazing community and interacting with everyone soon!

Satyam Gupta


:wave: Hi @Satyam,

Excellent to have you onboard!



@Satyam Great to have you here! :tada:


hello satyam , i acyually revped for hyderabad mug event on 2nd dec , but it seems my name is not in rsvped people list , will i able to attend the event ?