Hello everyone, it's Shivam from MUG Patna

Hey people,

It’s really an honour and all the more exciting to be selected as the lead of MUG Patna , India.

I belong from the city of Bhagalpur and currently in my 3rd year of studies at NIT Patna. I have always been into community driven clubs and events because I feel that this is what bring the best out of us as a developer, i.e, to learn from your peers and get to know the latest trends in the industry.

Mongo DB being one such widely used technology that has changed the way we interact with data and secure out storage. Owing to it’s flexibility I feel that it would be a great tool to help aspiring developers accelarate their career and I will always ensure that this is the goal towards which MUG Patna works.


Hey Shivam,
Welcome to the MongoDB Community!

It’s a pleasure to have you here and we look forward to your contributions to the community!


Hi :wave: Shivam,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community!!

We’re excited to have you here and congratulations on becoming the Patna MUG leader. We wish you a fantastic year with plenty of success and growth. :sparkles:



Many Congratulations Shivam!!