Hello community friends , i am Fabrice ,new kigali MUG leader

Hello again MongoDB Community,

I’m Fabrice KAYIRANGA, a passionate backend software engineer from Rwanda, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this lively community as the leader of the MongoDB User Group in Rwanda.

Currently pursuing a Master’s in Internet of Things at the African Center of Excellence, University of Rwanda, I’ve enhanced my MongoDB journey. At Nedamco Africa, as a Cloud Practitioner, I navigate the AWS platform for smooth deployment, managing cloud resources, and ensuring robust security measures. In a notable project at the African Center of Excellence in the Internet of Things, I contributed to creating a smart wearable device. This involved working on low-level software and firmware, ensuring effective communication among hardware components, with MongoDB playing a crucial role in our innovative project.

Beyond my technical endeavors, I’m a community builder, serving as the Co-Chairman of UR-TECH INNOVATORS, an Innovation Society at the University of Rwanda. Leading a group of 20+ students, I provided direction for groundbreaking innovations, such as prototyping an electrical corn milling machine, creating artificial charcoal for environmental protection, and proposing an electronic parking business for Kigali city.

Fluent in English, with basic knowledge of French and Swahili, I find joy in activities such as reading and playing volleyball.

My mission as a community builder is to ignite interactive knowledge-sharing and collective growth. I aim to empower each member, helping them quickly become market-ready. Our philosophy echoes: From the Community to the Community, where enthusiasts actively apply these skills, creating a ripple effect of benefitting and fortifying the entire community.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kayiranga-fabrice-0155341aa

It would be a pleasure to welcome you to our Kigali MUG, fostering continued connection! Anticipate exciting developments ahead. :blush:

I’m genuinely excited to contribute to and be a part of this dynamic MongoDB Community. Looking forward to engaging with all of you. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Best regards, Fabrice KAYIRANGA

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