Having trouble installing SSL inside ubuntu server

I followed every tutorial in the internet also the docs of how to install SSL/TLS the correct way because if i didn’t do this , my database always getting hacked and i am tired of this , please i need the updated version of how to install SSL/TLS inside ubuntu because the docs is outdated and it doesn’t explain anything useful , please help

This has less to do with TLS and more to do with access control, authentication and authorization. TLS protects data in transit, it won’t protect the server from a ‘hack’, you could set up TLS perfectly in its most secure form and still leave the server wide open for anyone to access.

I Recommend:
Restrict access to the database by only allowing certain IP addresses access, block all others.
Enable authentication with strong passwords/passphrases.
Use existing built-in roles or create your own to restrict users only to the operations and databases required.


The tutorial (https://www.mongodb.com/docs/manual/tutorial/configure-ssl/) is accurate, what particular issue are you having?

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