Having issues with the configuration file on windows 10 (PRO)

Hi everyone, I am having an issue with finishing my LAB for M103 , and the issues lies with the configuration file on the window.
I am getting the error message:
vagrant@m103:~$ mongod --config “C:\Users\behja\MongoUniversity\m103-vagrant-env\shared\config.cfg”
Error reading config file: No such file or directory

And here is my configuration file:

destination: file
path: “C:\variables\logs\mongo.log”
logAppend: true
dbPath: “C:\variables\data”
authorization: enabled
replSetName: M103
bindIp : “,”
port: 27000
authorization: enabled

I have done the following:

  1. Change the location and file extension from text to cfg
  2. Also made sure that the configuration file is located on the same folder on as my vagrant executable files
  3. Also the account that is running under is an ADMIN

Please help…

Hi Leya_60411,

Please copy the files from your local system shared directory to vagrant shared directory (from outside vagrant). And then you can access those files from inside the vagrant here:

 vagrant@m103:~$ ls /shared


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Thank you, it worked.