Having issues connecting in IDE to server

I had several days between doing Chapter 1 and have not figured out how to connect Chapter 2 forward. This is what I see…

user@M001# mongo “mongodb+srv://m001-student:m001-mongodb-basics@clusterURI.mongodb.net/admin”
DNSProtocolError: No SRV records for “_mongodb._tcp.clusteruri.mongodb.net”
try ‘mongo --help’ for more information

Please help.

You have to specify the URI of the Atlas cluster you created in the first chapter.

clusterURI.mongodb.net is not a valid cluster.

so instead of clusterURI I should name of my cluster - Sandbox?

You may named your cluster what ever you wish. But if you taking a MongoDB university course, then I suggest that you name your cluster as instructed in the course material. It will be easier because all examples and instructions uses that name.