Having doubt in mango db layer

can some one explain how mangodb layer designed
eg: Database->collection->documents->fields

I would imagine that it was covered in this M001 course? @Ramachandra_37567 is that right?

yea i a m currently learning that course but now i get clarity on that topic thank you for the response

but when ever i am trying to see collection in video db which i have created in my own cluster show collections queries return nothing but data is available when i try to view through campus

Please show us the screenshots of shell and Compass
If you can see data from Compass you should be able to see from shell as well
Did you switch db after login by shell?


Please find attached the screen shot both shell and campus connected to same cluster (created by me) campus have collection moviedeatils but when i have tried to see the same in shell through show collections query no thing returned i have switched the db

HI @madhan_71872

You have a typo in your command : use vedio

There is no database called vedio. It’s video.


Hope it helps!

~ Shubham