Hard decision Stitch + GraphQL or WordPress?

I have a really hard decision to make for an App I currently Develop please help me. I have 2 options one is to use WordPress as a Backend via WP-REST API/WP-GraphQL second is to use Stitch with the new GraphQL feature.

Option 1:
WordPress as headless cms for my Application. It has good API integration and WooCommerce will make it easy to make in-app charges (Recurring Payments). WordPress Hosting will be cheap since it only will function as a backend so no one will go to this site, only my App will get data from it via API.


  • cheap hosting
  • mature software maintained by Automattic
  • WooCommerce premium plugins like Subscriptions & Members will handle everything from payments
    to access so I don’t need to implement this by myself and make sure my code is always up to date
    with the PayPal/Stripe API for example.


  • Every hacker knows WordPress and how to attack it.
  • wp-graphql plugin what I need to use is a project maintained by a gatsby employe and I depend on them.
  • wp-graphql and also official wp-rest-API have a lack of good working authentication plugins to work with the API. for example OAUTH or JTW the existing plugins are not well-maintained projects where I later need to depend on.

I’m a geek, I love JavaScript, React, MongoDB, Nodejs so everything that is cool today
I was so lucky when I heard GraphQL coming to Stitch but there are also a few pros and cons that I need to consider.


  • MongoDB + Stitch/GQL is a BaaS and more secure than my WordPress on DigitalOcean for sure.
  • GraphQL out of the box
  • Serverless Functions
  • Authentication already integrated with Stitch like OAUTH, BASIC and more.
  • I like NoSQL more.

but the cons are big here…


  • GraphQL is in BETA and no idea what the future brings.
  • Locked in into Stitch service, if I want to have a plan for the worst-case I need to maintain 2 projects 1 is Stitch and one a custom MERN App that I can spin up anytime if something happens to MongoDB. (WordPress) It is easier to move around.
  • The payment process needs to be implemented and maintained by me (Recurring) which is more complicated.
    For sure more expensive than WordPress Hosting.

So I hope anyone with experience here can give me some good advice on what I should do here?

Thank you.

This sounds like you have already made your choice.

My experience:
Right now I am rebuilding my SaaS application to use AWS Lambda to access mongo db through an Apollo GraphQL backend using the Serverless Framework. Therefore I somewhat avoid your second con for options 2 and avoid your point one for option 2 since Apollo is the Graphql layer.
I choose this route to try and keep costs as low as possible.
I do not have any experience with Stitch at the moment and would be interesting in hearing anyone else’s thoughts on this matter as well

I would also be interested in asking MongoDB if Stitch is run off AWS Lambda or equivalent fro other cloud providers?

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