Hamza Shabbir - MUG Leader Intro

Hi Eveyone :wave: , Hamza Shabbir here. I am a Backend Developer working a YC Based Startup in Islamabad, Pakistan :pakistan: We Recenlty Started using MongoDB at our company and I was tasked with moving our Core APIs to MongoDB so getting along great with that.

I am a Technical Community Builder and have worked in AWS Community in Pakistan and extremely excited to launch MUG Islamabad and bring together the Tech Community and Students to foster more lerning and growth oppurtunities.

I’d be extremly excited and It would be an honour if you could join MUG Islamabad and follow our journey :rocket:

You can connect with me on Linkedin

Thank you everyone and MongoDB for the Support in Launching our MUG :raised_hands:


Welcome to the community @Hamza_Shabbir1,
We hope you’re enjoying it as well as finding it simpler and easier to work with MongoDB!

Your initiative to launch MUG Islamabad is valuable. I hope you’ll find the support you need from the community here on the forums.


Aloha @Hamza_Shabbir1 and welcome to the MongoDb Community! I look forward to working with you!