Greetings from Turkey!

Hi Everyone,

This is Arda, founder, and CEO of Sertifier Inc.

At Sertifier Inc., we have two different products being certificate automation app Sertifier - and skills-based microlearning app Verified -

Yes, we are based in Istanbul, Turkey, and have this marvelous team of 13 individuals. Recently joined the Mongo DB for Startups program and willing the acquire a great network where we can create with collaboration.



Hello @Arda_Helvacilar, welcome to the MongoDB Community forum!

This page has a Menu at the top where you will find useful resources like documentation, videos, articles, and learning. Cheers!

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:wave: Glad to have you and your team as part of our community, Arda!


@Prasad_Saya thank you so much for your kind answer!

@Lauren_Schaefer on behalf of my team, we are honored :grin:

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