Greetings from Italy, I'm Armando

Hello everyone,
My name is Armando Marra and I am the CTO of a small startup based in Catania, Sicily. We are developing a cloud software for the management of construction sites (Android and iOS App and web application).

I am 46 years old and have been in the IT world since I was 16 and, even before that, I was a computer enthusiast since the age of 8.

For a few months I have been using Atlas and Realm without previous document DB experience and I must say that they are powerful technologies and fun to use.

We are reengineering the whole platform developed by us to use MongoDB instead of SQL Server and Realm instead of nodejs.

I hope to find support and help for all issues not covered by the documentation.
See you on the forums.



Hello @Armando_Marra ,

Welcome to the community! :smiley:

Please feel free to explore and discuss any roadblocks you may face in this journey.

Best regards,


Hello and welcome to the community


Hello @Armando_Marra and welcome to the community,

Hope everything is in the docs, if not let us know to update them! The Doc Team is outstanding!

We’ve using computers almost same time. Which one did you started with? Amstrad? Spectrum? C64? MSX? :wink:


Sharp MZ 731
not one of the famous, but really smart machine :grin: