Greetings from a remote-first organization

Hi everyone,

Tidepool is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization. We were founded by people with diabetes, caregivers, and leading healthcare providers committed to helping all people with insulin-requiring diabetes safely achieve great outcomes through more accessible, actionable, and meaningful diabetes data.

We are committed to empowering the next generation of innovations in diabetes management. We harness the power of technology to provide intuitive software products that help people with diabetes.

Speaking of technology, we are using MongoDB Atlas for our primary data store, and all of our products are open source. Feel free to take a look around our GitHub repositories at


Tapani Otala
VP, Engineering


Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Tapani_Otala!

Tidepool’s mission and open source commitment are excellent, and it is inspiring to see how everyone connects to the mission in their team bios :clap:.

I’ve come across a growing number of interesting projects in the #WeAreNotWaiting space, like Nightscout CGM project (which coincidentally, also uses MongoDB) and OpenAPS. I was curious if you might have an ecosystem map or article to share that describes how these projects connect with (or complement) Tidepool.

Does Tidepool organise any community events for contributors (eg hackathons or user groups)?



Hi Stennie,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

We do not really have an ecosystem map, as such, on how the projects connect to one another. We are all in the same space, a lot of the contributors have flowed from one project to another, and we continue to support open-source contributions flowing back and forth.

We do participate in community events but unfortunately have not had the bandwidth to organize any lately. Our developer portal has links to our public Slack instance for developer discussions: