GraphQL on iOS and Android?

I am in the beginning stages of creating a MongoDB Realm app, and I am trying to determine how my iOS app will use Realm to communicate with the database.

I read your documentation and it appears that you provide GraphQL as a means of communication for client applications: “The MongoDB Realm GraphQL API allows client applications to access data stored in a linked MongoDB cluster using any standard GraphQL client.”

However, when I read the iOS SDK documentation, there is no mention of using GraphQL. It only appears to be supported in the Web SDK. Is this correct? Is it not possible to use GraphQL from an iOS app? If so, your documentation seems misleading since there would only be 1 SDK that supports GraphQL.

Our strong recommendation is to use MongoDB Realm Sync to synchronise your data between Atlas and a Realm database embedded in your app. That way, you always have the data available - even when not connected to the internet.